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App-based City Tour 'GLOBAL MUNICH'


The project Globales München (Global Munich) aims at connecting questions, discourses and insights from the academic field of global history with the locality of the Centre itself, thereby making global history accessible to the public. An app-based city tour along "global places" in Munich will allow a new perspective on the city and its history. "Global places" are various sites where global connections manifest (or manifested) themselves within the physique of the city. The Olympic Park, as the site of a global sporting event, might serve as an obvious example. Who, however, would have thought of the Löwenbräu brewery, which was not only the locality of the "Tag des Ausländers" (Day of the Foreigner) celebrations in 1977, but also one of the places from which beer was sent to the Bavarian troops fighting in the Chinese Boxer Uprising in 1900? A sense of home and the experience of foreignness, migration, global trade and colonialism - a variety of global history topics can be told by taking a closer look at places within Munich, its supposedly well-known sites as well as its forgotten corners.

Globales München (Global Munich) is developed in close cooperation with LMU history students, instructing them in the practice of historical research and teaching them methods of history communication and presentation. The results of their work contribute decisively to the project.

Nature of the project:

TransferLab Projekt



Participating researchers:

Prof. Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer (LMU)
Susanne Quitmann, MA (LMU)
Amelie Birimisa (LMU) (Hilfskraft)
Sebastian Franz (LMU) (Hilfskraft)

with the support of:
Christoph Eisele (LMU) (Hilfskraft)
Maximilian Habersetzer (LMU)
David Irion (LMU)
Hans-Uwe Maier (LMU)
Carina Palfalusi (LMU)
David Pfahl (LMU)
Sophie Rossteuscher (LMU)
Simon Schneider (LMU)
Cynthia Schöpp (LMU)