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Munich Centre for Global History

Welcome to the Munich Centre for Global History. The centre is the main platform to coordinate and facilitate research in global history in Munich. It is the principal concern of the centre to bring together research and teaching in the field beyond disciplinary boundaries, to support these endeavours and to make them widely visible and accessible.


  • Prof. Dr. Jeremy Adelman

    24.01.2022 18:00  – 20:00 

    Lecture Series Global History (ZOOM)

    Jeremy Adelman (Princeton): The World in Pieces Again: A History of the Present more

  • rh_bts2122


    Radical History_Book Talk Series@LMU

    Tyler Wentzell (University of Toronto): Not for King or Country: Edward Cecil-Smith, the Communist Party of Canada, and the Spanish Civil War (University of Toronto Press 2020) more

  • logo_gr

    31.01.2022 18:00  – 20:00 

    Colloquium (ZOOM)

    Matthias Häussler (Bochum): Ermattung – Vernichtung – Ausrottung: Der deutsche Feldzug gegen die OvaHerero (1904) more

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