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Radical History_Book Talk Series@LMU

26.04.2023 – 14.06.2023

Freigeist-Fellow Dr. Robert Kramm organises the Radical History_Book Talk Series@LMU during the summer term 2023.

Wednesdays 5-6pm (CEST)

Please register here (Link).

26 April 2023

Terence Renaud (University of Chicago)
New Lefts: The Making of a Radical Tradition (Princeton University Press, 2021)

10 May 2023
Gregory Claeys (University of London)
Utopianism for a Dying Planet: Life after Consumerism (Princeton University Press, 2022)

24 May 2023
Claudia Derichs (HU Berlin)
Tracing Japanese Leftist Political Activism (1957-2017) (Routledge, 2022)

14 June 2023
Yann Béliard (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Workers of the Empire, Unite: Radical and Popular Challenges to British Imperialism, 1910s-1960s (Liverpool University Press, 2021) (co-edited with Neville Kirk)